Young Estate

Like all great things, Young Estate has been founded by turning passions, values and dreams into reality.

Established in 2013, we’re a wine company specialising in good quality wines with feminine spirit, class and gumption!

We work with wineries to bring you fabulous wines that are great for celebrating and sharing with friends.  We play on the old adage of a friend-in-a-bottle and characterize our wines; infusing them with personalities akin to real women we know and love.

We stand behind our ethos and products 100% and if you are ever unhappy with our service please don’t hesitate to contact us on

Hayley Young

I am…

A lover of wine, who is passionate about inspiring and empowering people.

A chemical engineer who loves to wear overalls and work boots as much as dresses and statement stilettoes.

A conversationalist who loves to discuss world issues, and admire how good the All Blacks look in their uniforms.

A girl who can apply make up, and change an oil filter.

A bubbly blonde who spent 5 years as a Marine Engineer Officer in the Navy.

A fierce competitor who wants to see everyone succeed.

A generally practical, capable and logical person who manages to put her underwear on inside out with unnerving frequency.

A feminist who enjoys working with men.

A seasoned traveller who’s seen atrocities yet still tries to cling to innocent Pollyanna like ideals.

A confident leader with hidden insecurities and obvious weaknesses.

A woman… Not a stereotype.

A person… not an object.

A passion… not a job.